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2014 Breaches - Sony Hack and leadership

11 quick keyboard hacks for Windows

5 Handy applications for your portable antimalware kit

5 Quick Mac tricks that will turn you into a speed demon

Essential apps and tips for a more secure Internet browsing

How to think like a hacker

NSA Virus scam and new Safari vulnerabilities in OS X Yosemite (OS X 10.10)

Tips for a safer Internet browsing - free eBook giveaway (CLOSED)

Firefox 34.0.5 - Do you Yahoo? No thanks!

One year of blogging - Top 14 posts on One Tip A Day Tech Blog

A quick checklist to solve PC freezes and crashes

How to automatically shutdown your computer when you want

Freaky fast OSX shortcuts to be more productive with your Mac

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac giveaway - A reliable and fast protection for your Mac (CLOSED)

OS X 10.10 Yosemite issues - Bugs for all. Wake up, Apple!

WireLurker? No thanks! 3 quick tips to harden your Mac

OS X 10.10 Yosemite official release review - Big cats have gone but does Apple still roar?

How to install Windows 10 in a Parallels Desktop virtual machine

Windows 10 Review: A hybrid solution and a half step forward

CSI EFFECT- How to spot a phishing website with a click

Yes, you'll get hacked! When and how?

Yosemite Beta 2 Review: A step forward, but it's not enough yet

How to Install Yosemite Beta 1 with VirtualBox (plus a sneak peek of Yosemite Beta 2)

How to make your Firefox super-fast with one click

OSX networking and security tips - a crash course

Problems with your Internet connection? Do it yourself!

How to reinstall OS X Mavericks without losing your data

Handy tools to improve your browsing experience

Passwords are dead - how to move on and how to effectively protect your user accounts from hackers

Safe Internet browsing? Here's how you can!

OS X Yosemite Beta 1 (MacOSX 10.10) review - going mobile, revolution or step back?

How to install Yosemite Beta 1 (OSX 10.10) on a Virtual Machine using VMware Fusion (with step-by-step video tutorial)

8 Mac keyboard hacks and hidden tools

Unresponsive Finder? Here's how to speed it up.

7 Horrible mistakes you're making with Windows

Puppy Linux - new life for old computers

4 Easy ways to speed up a slow Mac

Keep keyloggers away- tips and tools to get rid of undesired digital guests

5 Top free utilities for MacOsX - give your Mac a free boost!

6 Hacks for Mac you should know

3 things that IT professionals won’t tell you (but I will…)

5 Google search hacks - get the most from Google

Sandboxie - free the explorer in you

5 quick hacks to get the most from your Gmail

Solve 3 annoying Mac problems in minutes

Blue Screen of Death errors - how to avert your PC's death toll

How to master Mac in 6 simple steps

6 Quick tips to protect your passwords

All Windows troubleshooting tools (part 3)

All Windows troubleshooting tools (part 2)

All Windows troubleshooting tools (part 1)

Top 10 most viewed posts on One Tip A Day Tech Blog

How to create an emergency MacOsX Mavericks recovery disk on a bootable USB drive

XP Death - How to happily move on and what options you have

MacOsX Mavericks- Wi-Fi keeps dropping? Here's why

9 Windows Command Prompt Hacks: the power of black and white.

How to get rid of Wi-Fi squatters with two easy steps.

URL shorteners and URL unshorteners- cut it out and see it through

Discover 6 top-notch hidden Windows 7 functionalities

Windows God Mode: access 720 Windows settings with one click

HTTPS Made Easy- what it means and why it's important for the average users.

Here's a quick way to solve a slow Windows boot-up

Dragon Dictate 3.0.4 for Mac - the power of the word

5 Quick hacks for Mac to boost your productivity with a click

Unlock 6 top-notch hacks for Windows 7

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Fix your slow WiFi in minutes (MacOsX Mavericks)

3 Quick tips to speed up your browser in minutes

Windows Experience Index - Does Windows play bingo?

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