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How to create an OS X virtual machine with VMware Fusion

Having an OS X virtual machine can come in handy for you to experiment and test early betas and pre-releases without fear of compromising your production Mac.

I tried to do that with VirtualBox but, though in the past I had succeeded by extracting a dmg file from the installer, this time I couldn't get OS X to boot.

Therefore, I decided to use VMware Fusion (its current version is 8).

This product offers a wide collection of choices for you to create a virtual machine.

The first option is maybe the most interesting, as it allows to virtualize your physical configuration.

In my case, I already had a Yosemite VM created with Parallels.

VMware Fusion reads virtual machines created by other programs, such as Parallels, so I only had to wait for the conversion process to end for me to run it.

VMware Fusion has one only issue with an OS X virtual machine.

In fact, after creating the VM, no sound device was detected and the sound icon was muted.

I could solve this issue by installing the Ensoniq Audio PCI driver.

After a couple of reboots, sound on my virtual machine was finally enabled.

Wrap up

Creating an OS X virtual machine with VMware Fusion is simple and fast.

Performance is very good and the only issue is related to sound, but it can be easily solved by installing the aforementioned driver.


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