Mattia Campagnano

Mattia Campagnano

Monday, November 21, 2016

macOS or OS X? Time will tell. I won't walk through the Sierra right now

I've experienced El Capitan for a while and I've been very satisfied.

My new Mac has worked flawlessly, because El Capitan is a very stable and reliable system, a rock solid warhorse.

The hacker/pioneer in me, though, was tempted by the new features of macOS Sierra.

I'm very busy with my college, so I postponed this dilemma for a while. 

One weekend, though, I created a clone of my configuration with Super Duper! and decided to give Sierra a go.

I almost immediately regretted my decision.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Install Snort in Kali Linux, the easy way

When trying to install Snort in Kali Linux, you may find yourself with a not very encouraging E:Unable to locate package message, alike this one above.

If this occurs, you're left with the only option of compiling it from source, which, in this case, is pretty painful.

Luckily, there's an easier alternative. Aptitude can't find the program we're looking for because it doesn't have the necessary repositories in its database.

So, in order to solve the problem, all we need to do is adding them manually.

Go the repositories list in Kali official website, then right-click and copy each repositories listed there (in other words, right-click and copy all the entries starting by deb, shown in the screenshot below).
That done, open the file etc/apt/sources.list with any text editor of your choice.

Paste the repositories you previously copied from the official website to said file and save it.

Now, you'll only have to run apt-get update -y in order to update your sources list.

With that being done, run apt-get install snort -y and this time around it will work.
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