Mattia Campagnano

Mattia Campagnano

Monday, September 29, 2014

CSI EFFECT- How to spot a phishing website with a click

The crime scene

You clicked (deliberately or by accident) a link embedded in an email you received, or you Google a well-known site but the link you've clicked brings you to a suspicious webpage.
Something doesn't add up, but you can't say exactly what.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Yes, you'll get hacked! When and how?

Your army is deployed on the perimeter walls, armed and ready. Your walls are high and solid and a deep trench defends them. All access points are fiercely defended and strictly monitored. The monsters are out there, getting ready to attack and destroy and you know there will be no prisoners..
You’re confident that your walls will hold long enough for backup troops to join the party and sweep the attackers away. Sadly a wicked insider told to your enemies about a vulnerability in your walls, a tunnel running below the main wall, the existence of which had been long forgotten.

Video: YouTube

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Yosemite Beta 2 Review: A step forward, but it's not enough yet

In my previous post How to Install Yosemite Beta 1 with VirtualBox (plus a sneak peek of Yosemite Beta 2) I showed you a sneak peek of Yosemite Beta 2.

I've created a VirtualBox virtual machine for this purpose, but neither audio nor Adobe Flash were supported.

For these reasons I've decided to install Yosemite Beta on a physical partition of my hard drive, called "Yosemite test".


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